Author William F Hill’s Second Edition of ‘Where is the Justice?’ is a masterful exploration of the importance of fairness and justice in society

May 18 06:33 2023
Author William F Hill recounts his own rise and fall in life as he reveals how corrupt and unfair systems eroded and erased his life’s work.

More than being a comfort, writing is Author William F Hill’s way of righting the wrongs that an unfair and corrupt system continues to impose on hardworking citizens. Through his book ‘Where is the Justice?’ Author William recounts his rise and fall by revealing the truth of the systems that worked against him and how these systems continue to impede the growth of a great nation.

Like any other ordinary man, William F Hill fought to build himself, attain financial freedom, and grow his country. He started with nothing and, with his eye on the American Dream, built an empire over decades of hard work. Ultimately, the country he took so much pride in became his undoing. He details his anger and frustration over going to war with a system that works against its citizens. However, through his battles with the entrenched evils, he finds transcendence in his genuine dedication to doing good and contributing to bettering the lives of those around him.

“I have always felt that we have the greatest country in the world. It has always given me great pleasure to see honest, hardworking people willing to take risks to get ahead and succeed. I always felt that we all should be working hard to help improve our own lives and the lives of others by carrying on this great American tradition,” shares author William in his book.

‘Where is the Justice?’ details how the author views life and highlights the problems eating away at modern society. For one, most people think everyone should live on handouts, and that successful people should be cut down. The book exposes a phenomenon that has seen many successful people hide their success because succeeding is now considered unfair to the less fortunate. To this, author William shares his perspective: “What they don’t seem to realize or don’t want to realize is that the people who are more successful probably do more to help the less fortunate than all the government and giveaway programs can ever hope to do.”

While it may seem unfair that successful people live in better houses, living in these big houses means paying hefty property taxes that will benefit everyone. These taxes help educate their children and pay for many local services.

The second edition of ‘Where is the Justice?’ challenges the preconceived notions of what it means to be prosperous and what it means to help the less fortunate. Author William explains that rather than view successful people as the enemy, the country needs as many successful people as possible to get people off welfare and government rolls.

Despite the external forces working against him, author William refused to remain silent and now helps people see the truth of what happens when a government is set on letting poor people stay poor. With cold hard evidence of the family’s suffering, ‘Where is the Justice?’ has been likened to a true crime story by readers.

‘Where is the Justice?’ is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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