Zerothermo Meet On The 133rd Canton Fair Booth Number: #10.2k06 On April 15,19

May 18 15:08 2023

The 133rd Canton Fair of Architectural and Decorative Materials is just around the corner on April 15-19 2023 and Zerothermo Team cannot wait to meet you on the Canton Fair on Exhibition Booth Number: #10.2K06. We will show our main products on the exhibition, including fumed silica core material vacuum insulation panels for cold chain household appliance and building, high temperature nano microporous panels, high temperature nano microporous water heater tank insulation blanket wrap, high-Temperature nano-microporous slotted shaped insulation panels,low e tempered vacuum insulated glass.

Fumed silica core material vacuum insulation panels are an innovative insulation solution utilized in cold chain and building applications. These panels are made of a core material consisting of fumed silica, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. Fumed silica core material vacuum insulation panels are widely used in the cold chain industry for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products, as they offer superior thermal insulation and help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the shipping process. They are also popular in building construction for their ability to provide high levels of insulation while taking up minimal space. Overall, fumed silica core material vacuum insulation panels are a versatile and reliable solution for various insulation needs.

High temperature nano microporous panels are advanced insulation solutions designed for use in special equipment that operate at extreme temperatures. These panels are made using nano and microporous materials that offer exceptional thermal insulation properties, making them ideal for high-temperature applications such as furnaces, engines, and turbines. High temperature nano microporous panels have a high-temperature limit of over 1000°C, which enables them to withstand extreme heat and maintain their insulating properties. These panels are also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them a cost-effective solution for insulation in special equipment applications. Overall, high temperature nano microporous panels provide superior insulation performance, making them an essential component for ensuring the safe and optimal operation of specialized equipment at high temperatures.

Low E tempered vacuum insulated glass (VIG) is an advanced glazing technology that offers exceptional thermal insulation performance for buildings. The glass is made by bonding two or more glass layers with a vacuum-sealed space in between. The process of vacuum sealing the space between the glass layers ensures that heat and sound transfer are reduced to a minimum, making VIG an excellent solution for buildings that require high thermal insulation properties. Additionally, VIG is designed with a low-emissivity (Low E) coating that reflects infrared radiation, further enhancing its insulation performance. These properties result in lower energy consumption for heating and cooling buildings, making low E tempered vacuum insulated glass a great option for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings while providing a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors.

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