Introducing RJimenez Counseling and Pet Therapy Services: A Pathway to Wellness and Joy

June 07 17:00 2023

RJimenez Counseling and Pet Therapy Services are offering a transformative program that helps actualize the overall wellness of people living with psychiatric disabilities. The program is designed to improve the well-being of people of all ages. This innovative initiative is geared towards enhancing mental, emotional, and physical health through the emotional support offered by pets.

Emotional support animals can assist individuals with emotional disabilities such as anxiety or depression. Any animal can be an emotional support animal, and federal law does not mandate specific training for them. An emotional support animal provides therapeutic benefits to people living with psychiatric disabilities. Pet therapy, also known as Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT), is an evidence-based psychotherapy that harnesses the bond between humans and animals. Research has numerous times shown that pet therapy has positive effects on people living with various physical, emotional, and physical problems.

“Our team consists of licensed mental health professionals specializing in animal assistive therapy,” says Dr. Roberto Jimenez, the CEO of RJimenez Counselling and Pet Therapy Rx Services.

“We aim to assist individuals and families dealing with mental health disorders by providing clinical services, emotional support animals & psychiatric service dog prescription letters. In addition, we provide ESA or PSD ID Cards for our clients as well.”

The professionals at RJimenez Counseling are certified as specialists in the human-animal bond. This approach can positively impact mental health and provide long-lasting benefits for psychotherapy.

They have a team of well-trained professionals with many years of experience in administering effective pet therapy services. “Our team comprises licensed mental health professionals with extensive experience in animal assistive therapy.”

Rjimenez Counseling and Pet Therapy services are offered in various locations including Florida, Ohio, California, North Carolina, Arkansas, Puerto Rico, Guam, and New Jersey. Services are rendered in English and Spanish. 

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About Rjimenez Counseling and Pet Therapy Services

Rjimenez Counseling and Pet Therapy Services is a leading healthcare organization dedicated to improving mental, emotional, and physical health and enhancing the overall well-being of individuals through compassionate pet therapy solutions.

Trained as a Parenting Coordinator, Domestic Violence Counselor, and Certified Hypnotherapist and member of the Animal Behavior Society and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Dr. Robert Jimenez has enough expertise to offer top-quality counseling and pet therapy services.

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