New Adventure Novel Unearths the Hidden Treasures and Perils of the Australian Outback: “Diamonds of the Never Never”

September 22 09:33 2023
New Adventure Novel Unearths the Hidden Treasures and Perils of the Australian Outback: "Diamonds of the Never Never"
Dive into the Australian Outback with Richard Holmes’s thrilling new novel, “Diamonds of the Never Never.” Join Kate & Rusty in their perilous quest to sell discovered diamonds while facing countless challenges. Reviewers call it Holmes’s best work yet, with action scenes that will send shivers down your spine. Discover the gripping adventure, now available online.

Embark on a heart-stopping adventure across the untamed landscapes of the Australian Outback with the riveting new novel, “Diamonds of the Never Never.” Dive into the suspenseful journey of Kate & Rusty as they unearth a dazzling treasure of diamonds and grapple with treacherous foes and challenges in their quest to trade these gems.

In “Diamonds of the Never Never,” the Australian wilderness is a vivid backdrop to the thrilling narrative that unfolds six years after Kate & Rusty unearth forty diamonds hidden behind Jaruk’s cabin. As the duo embarks on a mission to sell their find, they confront a myriad of obstacles and threats. Questions abound – how will they sell the diamonds? Who lurks in the shadows, plotting to thwart their plans? The chilling mystery unravels with suspense, making readers question how many more lives will be lost in the Never Never before the diamonds find their rightful owner.

George, an avid reader of Holmes’s books, says, “I have read all of Richard Holmes’s books and thought this was his best. It is an adventurous tale involving the Australian outback. The action scenes made shivers run up my spine.”

Arnold, in his Amazon review, says, “Richard has obviously had many interesting experiences in the Australian Outback and has developed a captivating way to describe the most intriguing aspects of each of these experiences. All of his books are good reads, but this one is probably his best.”

“Diamonds of the Never Never” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Join Kate & Rusty on this heart-pounding adventure and unravel the mysteries of the Australian Outback.

About the Book

In the wild expanse of the Never Never, a secret worth killing for lies hidden. Six years ago, Kate and Rusty stumbled upon a treasure: forty dazzling diamonds buried behind an old cabin. While Kate knows the rhythms of life in the bush, Rusty, the restless opal miner, has always craved more. With the diamonds in their grasp, they concoct a bold scheme to sell them. But as they navigate the treacherous path to riches, they are unaware of the sinister eyes watching their every move. The bank vault that guards their bounty becomes ground zero for danger. Trusts are shattered, alliances shift, and a looming threat emerges from the shadows. Who else will pay the ultimate price in the race for the diamonds?

About the Author

Richard Holmes, having spent over three and a half decades in corporate America, wielded major roles in financial management. A licensed, certified public accountant, Holmes was pivotal in the initiation of startups in both the mining and manufacturing sectors. His retirement saw him wanderlust across Australia, fostering a deep appreciation for the vast outback. His 25-year lapidary hobby on Australian opal led him to Lightning Ridge and inspired his previous bestseller, “The Ratters of Lightning Ridge.”

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